Passport Information

Please be informed that Tanzania Passport application forms can be obtained at the Embassy of Tanzania in The Hague and they are not available online.

Please Note: All new passports will be sent to and issued in Tanzania, once all required documents are submitted (in full) to the Embassy of Tanzania in The Hague.

All passport applicants must submit all required documents at the time of applying a passport. The following documentation must be submitted when applying for New Passport, Stolen/Lost Passport, or Emergency Travel Document:

Passport Renewal (All Applicants must appear in person at the Tanzania Embassy for finger printing)

Passport Renewal is only on Wednesdays and by appointment. Please call The Embassy to make an appointment.


  • Original (Old) Passport
  • Valid Netherlands Identity
  • Five (5) photos standard passport size with light blue background
  • Marriage certificate for married women
  • Copy of the Birth certificate
  • Incase of changes on name(s), proof from the court is required
  • Fee is €50


Stolen/Lost Passport


  • Police incident report
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Notarized information of lost passport
  • Letter stating reasons to apply for new passport
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Five (5) passport photos with light blue background
  • Immigration file DN number
  • Fee is €100


Emergency Travel Document


  • Three (3) passport size photos
  • Complete the Emergency Travel Document (ETD) application form (Available at the Embassy)
  • Old passport, together with photocopy of page 1-5 and last page with (DN) number
  • Letter explaining reasons for applying for travel documentation
  • If your old passport was stolen/lost, all procedures for stolen/lost passport are to be followed before applying for ETD
  • You may be required for an interview, as determined by a Consular Officer
  • Application fee is €30